Caledonian Learner Driver Training

Kev has recently partnered with Caledonian LDT to be able to recommend other Driving Instructors to pupils.  What is special about each of these driving instructors is that they have each had training from Kev which means he can be completely confident in their ability to provide you with great driving lessons!  The Caledonian Team offer driving lessons in Leighton Buzzard, Milton Keynes, Bedford and Flitwick.  Caroline is the newest team member covering Aylesbury and will be in Leighton Buzzard one day a week.  She has completed her training with Kev and will be gaining experience over the next few months on a pink trainee license before becoming fully qualified.

Keith Day

Caledonian LDT: Milton Keynes

Keith offers driving lessons in Milton Keynes, Bletchley and Leighton Buzzard.

Mat Rawlings

Caledonian LDT: Bedford

Mat offers driving lessons in Bedford, Flitwick and Woburn.

Martin Donnelly

Caledonian LDT: Flitwick

Martin offers driving lessons in Flitwick, Toddington and Leighton Buzzard.

Tri-Coaching Partnership

Tri-Coaching Partnership is one of the top training providers for ADIs in the UK and they aim to develop coaching and client-centred skills in driving instructors which they believe will improve road safety and the experience of learner drivers.

In 2012 I study for and completed the BTEC level 4 Award in Coaching for driver education with the Tri-Coaching Partnership. I was so impressed with the training from Tri-Coaching that I went on to become a Tri-Coaching Trainer, offering Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses to other driving instructors and also one to one training to help them improve their coaching skills for their own lessons.

Continuing my own CPD I am now trained and on the ORDIT register to teach others to become a driving instructor using the new Tri-Coaching programme and I also work independently for a national franchise and myself.


Driver behaviour is the biggest contributing factor in 95% of road incidents. The core research underpinning the DriverMetrics® is the Driver Risk Index™ (DRI) which is predictive of crash involvement and was developed by Dr Lisa Dorn at Cranfield University.

In 2014 I attended the DriverMetrics® accreditation course, delivered personally by Dr Lisa Dorn at Cranfield University. I am now a DriverMetrics® accredited coach delivering Insight into Action™ Driver Coaching sessions.